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You just can't put a price on a good hair day. The Look Gorgeous Messy Buns are a simple and easy solution to ENHANCE your hair.

The Messy Bun Extension uses a simple and gorgeous application which allows you to style it comfortably for corporate events, the gym, weddings, nights out, dates or travelling. And you can do this all within seconds.

How To Use Messy Bun Extensions

Our simple application means the Look Gorgeous Messy Bun will hold your hair in place while getting instant volume with natural looks that will hold all day long.


Simply tie your natural hair into a bun, twist the Look Gorgeous Messy Bun around your bun and style as you please. 

Forget about all the time and money wasted on professional hairdressers for professional results you can do in seconds with the Look Gorgeous Mess Bun.

Key Benefits

Easy and fast to use with the simple application method. Tie your hair into a bun, twist the Look Gorgeous extension around your bun, and you have a bun you can wear out to all sorts of functions and day-to-day.

Fits all hair types whilst being unnoticeable to others. It even fits thin hair without falling out. Simply double around more than once and it will hold tight in place. The Look Gorgeous Mess Bun is designed to give you the perfect boost of confidence wherever you go.

Gives you instant volume without affect your natural hair. Walk out with that confident 'fresh out of the salon' feeling when you put on your Look Gorgeous Messy Bun. It comes already styled as shown in the pictures saving you time whilst making your hair look fuller and nicer.

Reusable and easy to clean saving you money you would have spent on expensive treatments for the same results you can achieve from the comfort of your own home. Stress no more because your hair plans are covered for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Look Gorgeous Messy Bun be washed? 

Yes! You can wash your messy bun extension with hair conditioner/shampoo in cold water. Just insert your extension into cold water and soak for about 5 minutes. 

We recommend washing them every 10 uses or once a month

Can the bun be brushed or combed easily?

Yes! It glides easily through the hair.

Do I need to style it?

You don't need to style it. It comes already styled as shown in the pictures. Just make a regular hair bun, then put the Look Gorgeous Messy Bun around your hair. Not only you do not need to style it, but it will also make your hair look fuller and nicer!

I have thin hair, will it fall out?

Nope! You may need to double it around more than once but it will definitely not fall out. It's on a hair-tie, so you can double it as if you were wearing a ponytail holder.

Do I make a bun with my own hair and then attach it over?

Exactly! Just put it on like you would make a ponytail. Depending on the length of your hair to how much you will need to double it around your own hair. 

Where can I buy Look Gorgeous products?
Look Gorgeous products are not sold in stores and are exclusively available through this online store only. That's how we can guarantee the best price - and cut out unnecessary margins for middlemen that raise the retail price.



    Look Gorgeous Hair Extension are a simple and easy solution to ENHANCE your hair.

    It adds length and creates a fuller more voluminous look. Using 100% Futura Fiber Hair, the extension is simple, easy and quick to install.


    The Premium Extension uses an adjustable, invisible wire that creates a comfortable and secure fit. The 60-second installation lets you wear them in the club or at the gym - with no pulling or damage, and without giving up the added security of clip-ins!

    Simply place the Premium Extension on the crown of the head, and your natural hair is pulled through. You can then cut color and style as you would your natural hair.

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    Save that extra time as you no longer have to worry about spending ages in front of a mirror trying to get the perfect hairstyle for the day. Our customers even report they have as much as 30-60 mins extra in the morning as they no longer need to worry about their hair.

    Turn heads everywhere, and be the talk of the party, with hair that looks like you came straight out of the beauty salon - every day.

    Stop wasting your money on overpriced hair extensions when you can rock that same glamorous look for a fraction of the price with our hair extensions.

    A vast variety of colors and blends are guaranteed to bring you the perfect color to match your hair. All of our colors are multi-faceted and will work with various shades such as ash, golden or even beige.


Get longer, thicker hair in 3 easy steps

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    Step 1: Select Length

    Look Gorgeous Hair Extensions come in a few different lengths, ranging from 14-18 inches. If you are unsure, the extension can also be restyled and cut once fitted to ensure the perfect length for you

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    Step 2: Select Color

    To find the right color for you, take a photo of your own hair with a dark background in natural light (but not in direct sunlight). Our product photos were taken in the same way to help you find the right match.

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    Step 3: Install

    Installing Look Gorgeous Hair Extension is easily done at home, without the need of a hairdresser or stylist! And the adjustable wire to ensure that it’s a perfect fit for you.



We understand it can be difficult to get just the right color and we want to make it risk-free for you. Not satisfied with the color you received? No problem, please just contact us with another shade you want and we will replace it for you. Thank you for shopping with us!


We understand it can be difficult to get just the right color and we want to make it risk-free for you. Not satisfied with the color you received? No problem, please just contact us with another shade you want and we will replace it for you. Thank you for shopping with us!

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